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The UK has one of the best scenes for new classical architecture. With this said, it is also of the least innovative, sticking to already established styles striving to master them to perfection. The UK is also the headquarter of INTBAU, thus giving it a global role in the rebirth of tradition. New projects can be found all over the country with entire developments also constructed beautifully in vernacular.

Ireland is more or less a part of the UK market with country houses being the most popular new classical projects.

For more projects from UK & Ireland, please visit this link.

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The german classical architectual scene more or less began with the reunification of the country in 1990. What initiated it was the large demand of historical reconstruction which triggered a lot of interest in generall for classical architecture. From a shy start in the early 2000s, the number of firms and projects have grown exceptionaly and the quality is generally very good. Projects are usually made in a strict, aschetic neo classical style with few or no ornaments.

Main centres of new classical projects are Berlin, Düsseldorf, Hamburg and München.

For more projects from Germany please visit this link and this link.

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