Australia and New Zeeland

New classical and vernacular colonial architecture have made inroads in the Australian luxury market. A great majority of projects are either villas, mansions or townhouses with very few new traditional multi family houses currently being built. In New Zeeland there is currently only one classical architect but as the country belongs to the Anglo-Saxon cultural sphere, there should only be a matter of time until British or Australian firms start operating in the country.

Notable architects/developers are  David Cheney (unfort deceased 2015), Christopher Doyle and Greg Noble.

For more projects from Australia and New Zeeland please visit this link.

About Michael Diamant

Promoter of trad urban planning (early 1900s central European) and New Classical Architecture. Interested also in Geography, Demography, Social Anthropology & History.
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  1. Milly Main says:

    Prince’s Trust has also overseen the development recently of Prince’s Quarter (Glebe) and Prince’s Terrace (Adelaide) as well as Stokes Bay Community Hall

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