About me

My name is Michael Diamant and I am the manager of this site. I have studied society planning at Stockholm University and have great interest in urban sociology, architecture, city planning, demography, history and social anthropology. Currently live in Stockholm and have a 12 year old daughter. I speak Swedish, English and some German. I have been interested in traditional architecture since I was 19, but it was first in 2013 that I deiced to start a local Swedish Facebook group promoting new traditional architecture to the public. It was and is a pure project group showing people what is being built to create awareness that building traditional is possible today.  One year later a member of the same group started the very successful lobby group “Arkitekturupporet” that has transformed the debate about architecture in Sweden, popularizing new traditional architecture. I have spoken many times in Swedish media on behalf of this group. In 2018 I deiced to make my Swedish project group international and switched language to English. In the same time this blog page was created. The atlas followed a year later.

Please join “New Traditional Architecture” on Facebook to keep yourself updated with the latest realized traditional projects!


At the Engelsberg Summer school in Classical Architecture 2018


1 Response to About me

  1. Hi, Michael. I’m doing my yearly roundup of trad buildings again. Are you aware of any classical or traditional buildings (not houses, but perhaps housing complexes) that have been completed in Europe or elsewhere this past year?
    My email address is dbrussat@gmail.com. I am not on Facebook.
    Many thanks!

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