About me

My name is Michael Diamant and I am the manager of this site. I have studied society planning at Stockholm University and have great interest in urban sociology, architecture, city planning, demography, history and social anthropology. Currently live in Stockholm and have a 12 year old daughter. I speak Swedish, English and some German. I have been interested in traditional architecture since I was 19, but it was first in 2013 that I deiced to start a local Swedish Facebook group promoting new traditional architecture to the public. It was and is a pure project group showing people what is being built to create awareness that building traditional is possible today.  One year later a member of the same group started the very successful lobby group “Arkitekturupporet” that has transformed the debate about architecture in Sweden, popularizing new traditional architecture. I have spoken many times in Swedish media on behalf of this group. In 2018 I deiced to make my Swedish project group international and switched language to English. In the same time this blog page was created. The atlas followed a year later.

Please join “New Traditional Architecture” on Facebook to keep yourself updated with the latest realized traditional projects!


At the Engelsberg Summer school in Classical Architecture 2018


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