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My name is Michael Diamant and I am the creator of this site. I have studied society planning at Stockholm University and have great interest in urban sociology, architecture, city planning, demography, history and social anthropology. Currently live in Stockholm and have a 15 year old daughter. I speak Swedish, English and some German. I have been interested in traditional architecture since I was 19, but it was first in 2013 that I decided to start a local Swedish Facebook group promoting new traditional architecture to the public. It was and is mostly a project posting group, showing that building traditional is possible and ideological acceptable (preferable) today. One year later I cooperated with a member of the same group to initiate the very successful lobby group “Arkitekturupporet” that has transformed the debate about architecture in Sweden (and increasingly many other countries), popularizing new traditional architecture. I have spoken many times in Swedish media and recently more and more internationally on behalf of this group. In 2018 I decided to make my Swedish project group international and switched language to English. In the same time this blog page was created. The Atlas followed a year later. While I have started these projects, they are all collaborations and I am very grateful to all the people that do priceless work to promote these platforms.

Please join “New Traditional Architecture” on Facebook or follow me on twitter to keep yourself updated with the latest realized traditional projects! If you wan to come in contact with directly please email to michael.diamant@newtrad.org or call me at +46-70-1456727.

I have participated in Swedish national radio, podcasts, magazines and newspapers articles about why we should build new traditional architecture. Presented my work at TAG 4 where I got this nice words from David Brussat

“On the second day, Michael Diamant, who runs the blog New Traditional Architecture, described his posts that continually update traditionalists all over the world with photographs of new work around the globe. His online map of new traditional projects is vital, as is his list of traditional architecture firms in scores of countries, with their websites. The information he provides has fueled architectural rebellions against the status quo in Sweden, Finland and elsewhere in Europe, and he has participated in creating a nonprofit to push that rebellion, called Arkitekturupporet or Architecture Uprising. Later that day, several young people in a panel of students and postgrads from abroad cited Michael Diamant’s influence on their decisions to switch coursework from modern to traditional architecture, or to learn architecture without architecture school.”

Add Aestetic city & Cave of apelles trio talk

Longer video interview by Cave of Apelles: (“How to Bring Back Beauty to a Confused Modern World | Michael Diamant & Carl Korsnes“) with widespread snippets on Instagram and TikTok (here), (here), (here), (here)  and many (more).

Representing Swedish Architecture Uprising in Swedish Public Broadcast: (“Arkitekturupproret ger kalkonpris till höghus i Haninge – hyllar radhus”

Lecture in Swedish at Spårvägsmuseet in Stockholm: (“Vad är Arkitekturupprorets mål? Föredrag på Spårvägsmuseet April 2023”)

Lecture at the National Capital Commission in Ottawa: (“New traditional architecture at 37:00 – Floor audio”) – available with French texting (here).

Longer video interview by Cave of Apelles: (“Michael Diamant on the Classical Architecture Takeover and the Utter Stupidity of the Modernists“) with widespread snippets on TikTok (here), (here), (here), (here)  and many (more).

Interview in Epoch Times Germany: („Neue klassische Architektur“: Ein Schwede lernt aus der Vergangenheit).

Video interview by podcast host Saifedean Ammous: (“Fiat Architecture with Michael Diamant”) – available on Spotify.

Video interview by podcast The Jist: (Chatter #295 – Michael Diamant: Modern Buildings Are Ugly, We Must Return To Classical Architecture) – available on Spotify.

Video interview with Christopher Messina at Messy Times: (“Architecture Rebellion! Messy Times Endorses it Wholeheartedly!”) – available on Spotify

Video interview with entrepreneur Nicola Tosic: (“A talk with Michael Diamant”). 

Interview in Online magazine Venetian letter (“We have changed the Scandinavian discourse on architecture”).

Long and fun interview in Dutch Podcast the Aesthetic city about architecture and city planning: (“Fighting the status quo in architecture & urbanism”).

Interview in Swedish Public broadcasting (“Varför byggs så många fula hus / Why are so many ugly houses being built”). 

Interview in Swedish Public broadcasting (“Lådarkitektur – modernt eller bara fult? / Box architecture – modern or just ugly”).

Interview in online magazine Det Goda Samhället (“Arkitekterna bygger inte för dig / The architects don’t build for you”). 

Article in the online magazine Det Goda Samhället (“Med en svensk arkitektur kommer människor identifiera sig med svensk kultur /With help of a Swedish architecture people will identify with Swedish culture”).  

Interview in Fastighetstidningen (“Var det bättre förr? / Was it better before?”)

Interview in Byggnadsvårdsföreningen (“Nya hus – tidlös skönhet / New houses – timeless beauty”).

Debate article on the site Bostadsbubblan (“Arkitekturupproret ger möjlighet till medborgardialog om vår gemensamma levnadsmiljö // The Architeture Rebellion gives the public a chance to discuss our common built enviroment”).  


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5 Responses to About me

  1. Hi, Michael. I’m doing my yearly roundup of trad buildings again. Are you aware of any classical or traditional buildings (not houses, but perhaps housing complexes) that have been completed in Europe or elsewhere this past year?
    My email address is dbrussat@gmail.com. I am not on Facebook.
    Many thanks!

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  3. Artur Lompart says:

    Dear Sir, you are doing a great job. Thank you. I would like to add some info to list of your Polish list of companies. Mr. Buchalik has died in 2019 unfortunately. Maybe you may add a company I have discovered: https://rafael-design.com/

  4. Artur Lompart says:

    Dear Mr. Diamant, the link to Polish architect Zubek Studio Pracownia Architektury is incorect. It should be: https://architekt-zakopane.com.pl/
    Once again: you are doing a great job! All the best in a New Year!

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