After a positive period of classical oriented post modernism in the 1990s, the Scandinavian countries (incl. Finland) returned to extreme modernism. Few new classical projects are being built, mostly single family homes. On the upside is that an “uprising” has started that has been very successful in engaging people and getting media attention. Architects as a experts are being questioned with help of lots of humor and professionalism in debate. New classical architects are also being schooled at the Engelsberg Summer School in Classical Architecture. A big breakthrough in classical architecture seems imminent.

For more projects from the Scandinavia and Finland, please visit this link for Sweden and this one for Denmark, Norway and Finland. The phenomena “Arkitekturupproret” can be found in all four countries and Estonia.

About Michael Diamant

Promoter of trad urban planning (early 1900s central European) and New Classical Architecture. Interested also in Geography, Demography, Social Anthropology & History.
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